Ready to land paid collabs and sign dream partnerships that make your heart and your wallet feel FULL?

Learn how to monetize your passion for mental health and leverage your influence in a way that aligns with your values and speaks to your ideal clients. 


The Connected Collab Course – your comprehensive guide to all things paid collabs

We’ve all seen it...the scripted, cringe-worthy, off-brand sell on stories.

But it doesn’t have to feel that way.

When you book partnerships that speak to your ideal client, your values, and your mission as a modern therapist, THIS is the kind of feedback you’ll see popping up in your DMs:

but maybe you're hesitant because...

  • You feel lost when it comes to collabs and need a strategic starting point
  • The thought of pitching and negotiating makes you cringe
  • You’re confused when it comes to setting your rates
  • You’re afraid to compromise the community you’ve built on Instagram because you’re a therapist, not an “influencer.”

And maybe balancing life, work, and your passion for mental health hasn’t seemed very easy lately.

Real Talk: Being a therapist is NOT for the faint of heart.

I know things can be CRAZY tough on you sometimes. You pour everything you have into each client. But at the end of the day, you take off that cute therapist cardigan and realize there’s nothing left for YOU but a few sips of room temp coffee at the bottom of your to-go mug.

I was right there with you.

Until I started challenging those limiting beliefs and realized I could achieve my dream schedule by embracing paid collabs in a way that actually felt aligned.

The truth is, we ALL have influence. And it can extend beyond the couch.

So if you feel like you’re ready to

  • Cash in on the countless hours you’ve spent building and nurturing your social media presence (let’s be honest you could’ve taken on an extra client with allll the time you’ve spent creating UNPAID content into the early hours of the morning)
  • Pump the brakes on the 1:1 client grind so you can ditch burnout, finally spend quality time with your family instead of staying late at the office, and maybe even create some FREE time (remember what THAT is?! ) to aimlessly wander the aisles of Target.
  • Diversify your income and give you the financial security that would’ve only been possible up until now if you tacked an extra day on the calendar!
  • Serve more people than 1:1 therapy ever could so you can create a bigger impact and spread mental health awareness while increasing your profits as an added perk.

Then it’s time to leverage your influence for good.

The Connected Collab is a toolkit full of all the resources you need to land paid collabs with confidence.

Count me in!

Hi, I’m Mary Beth

Therapist, Mother, Enneagram 3, Instagram Marketing Coach, and Your Personal Cheerleader

Balancing all the things isn’t easy, but I’ve learned how to monetize my social media accounts while avoiding burnout and staying true to my values and mission as a modern therapist.

In the summer of 2019, I started focusing on growing my Instagram account. Through a LOT of trial and error, time spent, and mistakes made, I learned A TON about what works and what doesn't.

As my account began to grow, the opportunity to collab with brands and other accounts presented itself. From the start, I committed to only promoting products and services that aligned with my ideal clients and my mission to destigmatize mental health.

I heard you in my DMs asking how to navigate brand deals, wondering what to charge, which collabs to consider and which to avoid, how to negotiate with brands, and how you can monetize your Instagram account.

From serving my own therapy clients in private practice, working with brands, and sharing valuable resources with my community, I’ve learned exactly how to lighten my workload without sacrificing my income through partnerships that align with my ideal clients.

The FIRST and ONLY Course of Its Kind

I saw a need and created this course with YOU in mind.

I get what it means to be a therapist on Instagram. That’s why I won’t just teach you how to make money. I’ll also show you how to build an ethical online presence promoting products that truly support the well-being of you and your ideal clients.

This course is like no other because I’m not just a social media marketing coach.

I am deeply familiar with what keeps YOU up at night as a therapist
because I am you.

I understand that you worry about the unique ethical and niche-specific challenges therapists face in the online space because I’ve worried too. No other social media marketing course exists on the market specifically designed to help therapists like you feel supported and empowered to step into their expertise and use their platform for good.

The Connected Collab takes all of this into consideration while removing the guesswork every step of the way.

Don’t just take it from me...

“Mary Beth broke everything down for me in a way that was easily applicable. I have signed up for several different courses, and none of them were as helpful as learning from Mary Beth. She understands the unique considerations of being a practicing therapist. I can't recommend working with her enough!”  
- Monica D.  @monicadicristina

Let’s get real.

Influencer marketing is here to stay and the numbers back me up better than the Spice Girls in 2001.

of companies plan to spend the majority of their marketing budgets on Instagram influencer marketing this year

The typical engagement rate of Instagram influencer partnership posts, which is double the average

of brands find return on investment from influencer marketing comparable or better than other marketing channels

Plus, "Micro-influencers (less than 50k) were responsible for 84% of sponsored posts last year."

(Source:MediaKix 2020)

There's power in that

That means a smaller, connected following is actually ideal! The community you’ve nurtured and poured into is more engaged and therefore, more likely to take ACTION.

So you’re telling me that I can…

Use collabs to grow my audience and reach without hustling for every new lead

Create partnerships that feel good and align with my values and vision

Inspire brands to work with me through my pitching skills and presence

Destigmatize mental health and make a profit doing it

Get notifications of sales while I’m strolling Target or dipping my toes in the water at the beach

Negotiate partnerships without breaking a sweat

Close your eyes and imagine your dreamiest partnership.

Jinx if you said Oprah.

I’m here to help you book feel-good paid collabs that honor your expertise and align with your mission.


A self-paced course for therapists and coaches who are ready to book paid partnerships with confidence.

In this 8 module course you’ll learn how to collaborate with brands, negotiate, and sign your dream partnerships – minus the cringe, secondguessing, or overgiving.

ideal FOR:

Therapists, coaches, and mental health professionals who want to book paid collabs to diversify their income but aren’t sure where to start.

       I'm So in!       

Confidently promote resources that
align with your audience

Discover exactly how to book paid collabs that feel good and connect your community to powerful resources. The Connected Collab walks you through the step-by-step process of a successful brand partnership.

Here’s a high-level look at what’s inside:

Your Journey Through Curriculum

Receive your own unique login to an organized Connected Collab portal where you can immediately start to dive into the videos, trainings, and downloadable resources.

Free Brand Negotiation Scripts

Never feel tongue-tied again when it comes to reaching out to brands, defining your worth, speaking with confidence, and representing yourself and your business professionally.

Downloadable Media Kit Template

Everything you need to SHOW brands exactly what you bring to the table. You’ll feel prepared to curate an irresistible media kit. Plus, I’ll teach you exactly how to avoid some of the most common mistakes novice influencers make that keep them from landing dream collabs.

You'll walk away knowing...

How to get started reaching out to brands and stop analysis paralysis in its tracks
Which red flags to look out for so you can protect yourself and your business
The art and skill of confidently negotiating with brands
What to look for in a contract so you never have to worry about the safety and security of your business or your therapy license
How to own your worth by setting competitive rates
How to speak with authority (courtesy of my tried and true scripts)
The best ways to position yourself to attract swoon-worthy opportunities
My formulas, strategies, and processes to land successful, aligned collabs

Plus, you’ll get concise and actionable steps to guide you through the entire process

Cue the confetti

This is what’s possible with The Connected Collab

I’ll pass the mic to one of my students.

“Mary Beth is absolutely incredible, and the insight I walked away with about building my brand was invaluable. There is a lot to learn, but Mary Beth’s delivery of the information was perfect for me. I didn’t feel overwhelmed, and felt as though I had a clear direction of where to go and what to do to align with my professional goals. I couldn’t be more thankful!”
- Arielle W. @TherapyWithAriellee

Sounds great but what EXACTLY will I learn, Mary Beth?

I’m so glad you asked!

Pull up a chair, grab your coziest throw blanket, and pour yourself something bubbly because here’s what we’ll be covering.



Welcome to The World
of Paid Collabs

In this introductory module we’ll address exactly what you’ll need to learn to be intentional and profitable when it comes to paid collabs and brand partnerships. You’ll walk away understanding why Instagram is still one of the best money-making platforms online.


Not Your Basic

Push through the internal barriers that are holding you back from stepping into your authority as a true “Therapreneur.” Learn to show up authentically so you can keep it real while helping more people and diversifying your income.


Types of Collabs

We'll dive head-first into the world of options you have to choose from. You’ll learn about the diverse types of collaborations you can explore and creative ways to promote different products within your comfort zone.


Vanity Metrics Debunked

When it comes to social media you may think “the more, the merrier,” but that’s not always the case! Learn how to leverage your following whether you have 1k or 100k followers! It’s all about cultivating an engaged, loyal community!


Book Paid Collabs

It’s implementation time! Learn how to initiate a brand deal, catch a brand’s eye, and assemble the perfect media kit. Everything is mapped out step-by-step so you can take the guesswork out of the process and simply take ACTION.


Red Flag Warnings

Navigate red flags with self-assurance and grace so you can say no to offers or products you don’t want to endorse, stay inside your niche, and avoid collabs that will turn off your audience.


Own Your Worth

Negotiate collabs like a pro so you get paid competitively and fairly. Know what to expect when it comes to rates, payment methods, and payment timing.


The Business Side

Learn exactly how to protect yourself and your business with the tools you need to make sure things are legit from both an ethical and legal standpoint.

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Psst! There's MORE!

Because I want you to be set up for the most success possible, I'm also going to include these phenomenal bonuses!

bonus modules

Learn From The Experts

Eliana Goldstein

Masterclass: Top Tips For Negotiating Your Rates
Eliana Goldstein

Career & Negotiation Coach

Does setting your rates and negotiating deals make your stomach turn? Eliana will hook you up with the top tips and scripts you need to successfully negotiate with brands and make more money without the “ick!” Confidently learn to make your ask and handle objections with ease using the 5-step “Pay-Up Method” she teaches within this module.

Maddie Spear, LCSW

Masterclass: TikTok Collabs
Maddie Spear, LCSW

Licensed Therapist 190k+ on TikTok

Why stop with Instagram? Ready to expand your collab opportunities with TikTok? Now that you know the ins and outs of online collabs, you can take your skills wherever you go! Maddie, a licensed therapist turned Tik Tok Queen, will show you the ins and outs of TikTok collabs so you can reach a broader audience and more brands. Plus, she’ll reveal the similarities and differences between TikTok & Instagram to boost your confidence and demystify TikTok.

Are you ready to make more money and help MORE PEOPLE by connecting them to the tools and resources they’ve been looking for while offering an expert, reliable, honest voice they can TRUST?

Now you can.

Get Paid To Post


  • You haven’t made any money from your Instagram account after ALL the time and energy you’ve spent on it
  • As a heart-centered helper, the thought of pitching and negotiating makes you feel uneasy.
  • You want collabs that feel good.
  • You don’t know how to position yourself so that paid opportunities can find YOU
  • You want to land paid collabs, but analysis paralysis leaves you too overwhelmed to start
  • You're ready to diversify your income and work less


  • You’re someone who will promote any product or service for payment regardless of what it means for your community
  • Diversifying your income isn’t your priority right now
  • You haven’t started growing your online presence yet
  • You’re satisfied with the amount of money that you make on Instagram already
  • You only want to do 1:1 client work
  • You’re not a therapist, coach or wellness professional

Still on the fence? Let me ease your worries.

You can easily recoup your investment in just 1 to 2 paid collabs and potentially add another four or even five-figure income stream!

When you invest in The Connected Collab, you’ll get immediate access to all these features for an entire year...






video lessons


guest experts


lives changed


PDF resources

i am ready


Wait a second Mary Beth. Give it to me straight.

Can I really do this?

Yes! I’ve helped 170+ therapists build an online presence, and now I’ll help you grow your online business through paid collabs that feel good!

Here’s what my students have to say...

ā€‹ā€‹I am passionate about sharing the right tools to support you in growing your business, your influence, and your impact.

When you take The Connected Collab course, you’ll not only walk away with your own personal cheerleader and hype-woman (me) but you’ll experience first-hand these amazing benefits:
  • An easy-to-follow process you can implement to start booking paid collabs
  • Confidence you’re providing your community with valuable resources that will support their healing journey
  • A new income stream to help you create more space for the things that matter most to you
  • Skills you can use without feeling salesy, cringey, or compromising the community you’ve built
  • Scripts to help you negotiate the kind of rates you text your BFF about excitedly, ”Omg, guess what?!!”
  • And so much more!

I’m ready for The Connected Collab

count me in!

A self-paced course for heart-centered therapists and coaches who want to learn to navigate paid partnerships while increasing mental health awareness and diversifying their income.

What do I get?

In addition to getting instant access to 8 value-packed modules you can work through at your own pace, you’ll also receive:

Downloadable Media Kit Template

Level-up with this plug and play template so you can woo dream brands with ease and professionalism.

Brand Introduction Script

Know exactly what to say when meeting new brands! Reach out with authority, purpose, and value.

Negotiation Scripts

Never hesitate to claim your worth again! Instead of settling for whatever brands offer, make your ask and handle objections like a boss!

Disclaimer Script

Protect yourself while setting clear boundaries and avoiding red flags. Never feel tongue-tied again!

Contract Negotiation Email Template

Less overthinking so you can book the collabs you deserve… in writing! Just plug in your details and hit send.

Language Samples

Don’t let the contract overwhelm slow you down. Understand the unique collab-specific pieces you’ll want to add to your contract.

Two Bonus Modules

From negotiating brand deals like a pro to expanding your influence on new platforms like TikTok, our guest experts have got you covered!

So much value...for only $497



Pick a way to pay

Because I believe in accessibility, I’ve created both 3 and 6-month payment options to make it easy on your budget.

Plus, just 1-2 collabs pay for the course!

Pay In Full Option


3 Monthly Payments


6 Monthly Payments


You might be wondering...

If you’re still wondering
“Why should I invest in this course?”
hear me out…

  • Paid collabs are an opportunity to add another 4 or 5-figure income stream.
  • You’ll be working less, but making more. Mid-day naps, anyone?
  • You’ll experience fulfillment when your followers are excited about a new resource that can truly support them.
  • You’ll continue to grow your community and your impact powerfully.
  • You’ll have the peace and confidence that you’re doing this ethically as a licensed professional.
  • And the list goes on!

 Hang on a minute, maybe you’re thinking...

"I don’t have enough time to invest in a course."

In short, the busier you are, the MORE you need strategic, ethical, profit-generating paid partnerships to support your business, your audience & your clients. If you feel overwhelmed and are on the edge of burnout, it may be time to shift away from exclusively seeing clients 1:1 and start using your social media platform as a form of passive income. 

This is a self-paced course, so I’ve made sure that it’s still accessible, even to the busiest of us. With X hours of video content, you can finish the course in just a weekend! The course is available on your phone so you can watch and listen on the go. You’ll also have an entire year to access the course, so you can take your time and only work on it a few times each month!

"I’m not sure I’m ready."

If you’ve grown your Instagram presence significantly, you’re SO ready for this! When you lean into this new level of paid partnerships, you will grow your confidence, your impact and your Starbucks fund.

"I can learn online for free."

You’re right! But what free resources are missing is the personalized, expert advice that comes from a therapist who has been in your shoes and successfully closed partnership deals (ethically) before. There isn’t a course serving our niche like this! Since free content isn’t as personalized, it may take some time and effort to find the right strategy for you. By investing in a course that teaches you how to land paid collabs as a therapist, you can skip the throwing spaghetti at the wall phase and head straight for success.

"I can’t afford this right now."

Investing in your business can be scary – I’ve felt the same way before! By investing in an intentional resource like this, you will actually save time and money. You’ll start closing brand deals with confidence! With just one or two partnerships, you’ll have made your investment back! You can also choose a 3 or 6-month payment plan option to make the investment easier on your budget.

Let’s have a little heart-to-heart.

Learning how to book paid collabs as a therapist means more freedom. 


Enjoy the lifestyle freedom you’ve always dreamed of so you don’t feel tied to your calendar or 1:1 client sessions. Welcome more flexibility into your life and business.


Reclaim your time so you can be there for your family, travel wherever you want, create memories with friends, or simply have more free time to wander the aisles at Target!


When your career feels more like a CALLING than a JOB, money stuff can get tricky. But, money isn’t a dirty word, and it’s okay to want more.

So let’s get started diversifying your income through collabs that provide accessible, relatable, and supportive mental health resources (that feel good). 

get paid to post

A letter from the course creator

I am passionate about helping you grow and support your community from a modern mental health perspective. The truth is that you can monetize your Instagram account and finally get paid for all the amazing content that you’ve created and the engaged community you’ve cultivated.

Jump in with me, and I’ll share all of my strategies – everything you need to know to book feel-good paid with brands that align with your values and serve your audience. Virtual lattes and confetti emojis included.

You have the opportunity to use social media for good by promoting resources that align with your values and your ideal clients. Join me inside The Connected Collab, the only paid partnership course created by a therapist for therapists.

Mary Beth

Hey! You made it all the way to the bottom of the page

So this tells me that you’re genuinely curious about learning to monetize your influence without compromising your community or your values. You want to extend your impact beyond the therapy couch so you can help more people (and yourself) without having to rely exclusively on 1:1 client sessions. 

So, here’s where you have a choice, friend.

Option 1

You can continue to play small, continue to figure it out on your own, say, “that’s neat,” table paid collabs for later (whenever that is...), and keep doing what you’re doing (hello, status quo).

Option 2

You can FINALLY leverage all the work you’ve ALREADY DONE and create more ease, wealth, and impact in your business!

So what’ll it be?

I TRULY hope to see you inside the course!

Join Now

Mary Beth Somich, LPC is a licensed therapist with a private practice in North Carolina called Your Journey Through. She specializes in family dynamics, primarily treating teens and young adults. Mary Beth is passionate about promoting modern mental health and making therapy accessible, relatable, and relevant to your life. She also helps other therapists promote their own mental health platforms through expanding their reach on Instagram and building thriving private practices. You can find her at @yourjourneythrough,, or check out her podcast, "My Therapist Thinks."

For support or questions, please e-mail us at [email protected].